Working Here

Where you can be you

Curious about what it’s like to work here? It’s quite awesome. We take pride in doing incredible work and we have a swell time doing it. We just ask that people be themselves and do their very best.


Our projects simply wouldn’t exist without our people – and, not to brag, but our people are pretty great.

We take tremendous pride in our culture. We make sure that each new employee is warmly welcomed into a collaborative and supportive environment along with a damn good onboarding process. Mentoring, guidance, and overall employee satisfaction is something that Axis is committed to. We don’t want our employees to work endless hours or dread coming to the office. We want them to focus on delivering top-notch results during regular business hours and spend their free time doing whatever it is that makes them tick.

We believe in investing in our team and their working environment. This is closely related to the level of satisfaction they have while doing their job. We want our team to be happy where they are, doing what they do. We take responsibility for making that happen.

Good vibes abound within our walls where people are encouraged to just be themselves. We set the tone at the firm’s inception, and our leadership continues to embrace a family-like atmosphere that welcomes all. We believe that doing stellar work starts with embracing not just diversity, but also authenticity. That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure all Axis employees have a voice and opportunities to show us what they’re made of. Plus, we’ve got some really sweet décor and wicked swag.

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Meet The Crew


What do you look for in a potential new hire?

Our culture is a big deal to us. When adding members to our team, we seek out skills that fit our needs and personalities that fit our culture. We don’t all have to be the same or even similar – we just need to mesh beautifully.

How can I be sure I’ll fit in at Axis?

Ah, that’s easy. Just remember the 10 commandments.

1. Be yourself; authenticity is key to our culture

2. Go ahead and say, “what if?”

3. Respect one another’s differences

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

5. Be bold

6. Embrace change

7. You have a voice – use it

8. Remember play is good

9. Work smarter, not harder

10. Brace yourself; it’s one Hell of a ride

What's fair game to eat in the kitchen?

Common sense says that unless items are marked as someone’s, have at ’em. Of course, the responsibility of checking expiration dates is all yours. Communal fridges + no labels = fair game, so go ahead and nosh.

Can I bring my dog/micro piglet/whatever to work with me?

While we adore all four-legged friends, a pet play center we are not. Sadly. Unless your little nugget happens to be a baby goat wearing pajamas or a micro pig sporting both a tutu and toupee. Then, absolutely!

What's for lunch?

Ask any coworker at any time. Mass exodus occurs at 11:30 a.m. Not 11:35. Not 11:40. Be prompt or be left behind.

Who can show me how to make coffee?

Ask anyone. Except Matt. His is, let’s just say potent.

How do we communicate with one another?

Other than face-to-face (it’s not a lost art) and email, we use Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other. And we have a new digital phone system installed on our laptops. It’s pretty sweet.

Where do I park?

In the parking lot, preferably between two white lines.

What are my actual work hours?

When you get here to when you leave. Most people prefer to come in early and leave when the workload allows. You’ll figure it out.

Who do I contact with HR questions?

That’s a good question. Ask your supervisor. Or someone else.

Who do I contact with PTO/payroll/benefits questions?

These topics are covered in our (more structured and less fun) employee handbook employees receive on their first day

Is there an org chart for the organization?

Yep. It’s flat. Like the Maldives. If you haven’t been there, you should go. Just remember to submit your PTO request. Seriously, we aren’t big on hierarchy and fancy org charts (though our org chart is quite pleasing to the eye) that can sometimes complicate processes and workflow. That’s just not who we want to be. We are proud of a culture rich with collaborators, not chiefs.

What if I screw up?

As you happen to be human, it’s probably a given that you’re going to stumble, fumble and fall. Don’t be afraid to fail. When you do, you might as well do it like a boss. This is how we learn. It’s how we grow. We’re human. Just don’t hide your mistakes. Go ahead and ‘fess up so that it can be addressed (and laughed about for years to come). Seriously, we can work together to find a proper solution.

How can I get to know my coworkers?

Simply talk to them. Talk to them in the kitchen. Talk to them at lunch. Talk to them in the stairwell. Talk to them in the bathroom. Wait, skip that last one.

What do you consider "business casual"?

Use your best judgement. Dress in a way that allows you to do your best work; not in a way that would make your mom whine to her friends over a game of mahjong.

What else do I need to know?

Just work hard and be respectful. The rest will take care of itself.

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