Entitlement & Permitting

Slaying the permitting process every day

Time is money, especially concerning permitting.

Everything you’ve heard is true – there can be many barriers to overcome before a single permit is issued. Not to mention, the permitting process is ever-changing and can vary greatly across municipalities. Often projects require navigating a complex entitlement process where multiple agency approvals are required. Depending on the project, it may also be necessary to gain community support for a successful project outcome, and our permitting ninjas are happy to represent clients at both public hearings and Q&A sessions.

We streamline the permitting process by preparing accurate and complete applications and providing quick responses for additional requests, all while keeping clients and agencies in the loop every step of the way. This allows our clients to progress from site planning and design to construction as quickly as possible.

Services Offered

Due-diligence Identification of permitting/entitlement issues Early regulatory consultation Zoning and rezoning approvals Public hearings Variances Special use permits Conditional use approvals Site map approvals Fire Marshall approvals Building plan approvals Land disturbance permits Utility permits Building permits Health dept. review DOT permits NPDES permits Water management permits Notice of commencement recording As-builts Notary services

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