Cobb County – Historic Nesbitt Union Chapel

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Axis was selected by Cobb County Government to provide architectural, MEP, Civil, Roofing, and Structural design services needed for various County projects. Services provided under this on-call contract include, but are not limited to, engineering studies, pre-design and pre-construction activities, detailed design services, project management, contract administration, contract management and other related services.

Axis performed a structural analysis and prepared plans for this historic chapel site. Axis performed an inspection of the existing structure and verified dimensional and other pertinent information. Axis performed analysis of the existing stone wall from the original 1886 structure and designed a tie-back system to stabilize the wall from further deflection. Additional analysis was completed to design the ghost framing of the chapel comprised of a series of steel columns, beams, etc. to outline the original shape and dimensions of the chapel as provided by Cobb County. Foundations for columns, bell tower framing, entry door utilizing the existing threshold, and any additional framing as required was designed and detailed to ensure the ghost framing was stable. Axis provided construction documents outlining the foundation plan, framing plan, sections and details, and general notes. Drawings were created using AutoCAD drafting software to provide dimensional information for foundation and column locations/sizes, all framing members and connections to supporting structural members, bell tower framing, sections and details for all appropriate framing members and bracing details of the existing wall, and all general notes with scope of construction in accordance with applicable codes such as IBC, ASCE, and AISC.

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