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MARTA Parking Lots Rehabilitation

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Project Scope

Axis was contracted by MARTA to prepare plans for the repair and reconstruction of the Kensington, Inman Park, and Candler Park Station parking lots. The parking lots were in poor condition experiencing rutting, severe alligator cracking, tree roots growing up through the pavement, and little to no maintenance of the detention ponds. Pavement cores and borings were obtained at each site with full topographic and SUE surveys. Recycled subbase was considered for each lot, but the depth of pavement varied throughout. Therefore, each lot received full depth pavement reconstruction. All drainage basins and pipes were cleaned and inspected. Detention ponds were cleaned and of silt and vegetative growth to the 100-year flood elevation. Erosion and sediment control best management practices were implemented. Much of the existing curbs were maintained and the parking lots designed to MARTA standard parking spaces and drive aisles. Bus routes were redesigned with heavy duty asphalt and concrete. All lots were brought into compliance with ADA parking and ramps. Curb islands were increased in size, old trees removed, and new hearty shade bearing trees installed that were drought and disease resistant.

Project Size:

Completion Date:
2022 - Ongoing

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