Real Estate Development

With more than 30 years of real estate consulting experience, Axis Companies helps clients identify and evaluate business locations that align with their strategic and operational requirements.


  • Strategic planning
  • Site selection
  • Lease renewals and expansions
  • Economic and demographic research
  • Economic incentives
  • Utility incentives and negotiations
  • Relocations
  • Lease administration
  • Lease audits
  • Excess property leasing/purchase
  • Third-party leasing
  • Concept plan development
  • Design
  • Project scheduling
  • Construction estimating
  • Permitting/entitlement
  • Build-to-suit

We are eager to help you identify and evaluate business locations that align with your strategic and operational requirements. Based on the factors most important to your business, we will help you analyze options and pinpoint an optimal location for you and your operations.

Site Selection 
Site Selection services include lease renewals, space expansions, relocations, audits, excess property leasing and third-party leasing. In addition, Axis can assist with market research, tax incentives, utility negotiations and property tax negotiations. Should you find yourself with excess property on your hands, whether undeveloped or vacant space, we are happy to work with you in developing a customized sales or leasing strategy.

Once a site has been identified, we will support you in finalizing the Letter of Intent and Purchase Offer and completing your due-diligence efforts. During due-diligence, Axis will complete the research and documentation necessary for you to make an educated decision on your property selection. We will conduct face-to-face meetings with state and local approval agencies. Our efforts will be summarized in a due-diligence report documenting applicable land use and zoning codes, building code requirements, contact and feedback from all private and public utilities, coordination with municipal agencies on access and impact fees. In addition, we will complete an ALTA survey, title search, phase I environmental, and geotechnical investigation. A report will document permitting and agency review schedules, permitting and impact fees by agency, and provide an agency contact list that will be used throughout the project.  A clear and concise Executive Summary is also included so you can share the results with your team and key stakeholders.

Once due-diligence is complete and we receive internal approvals to move forward, we will embark on the design and entitlement phase of the project. All design work can be performed in house or supplemented by outside consultants of your choice. Either way, we will manage the process to meet your schedule and budget expectations.
Real-Time Dashboard
Our team utilizes a real-time dashboard that allows our clients a daily snapshot of plan development and approvals. Plans are typically developed at concept, 75% plans, 90% plans and Final Construction Documents. It is our goal to keep you engaged throughout the process. Our design team will meet with you at 75% and 90% design to review project programming and schedule. We focus heavily on pre-construction efforts to minimize problems during construction. During design, we will work with you in selecting an appropriate contractor base.
Contractor Selection
Regardless of your preference, we will work with you in selecting a contractor. Axis has relationships with some of the very best contractors on a national, regional and local basis. In national and regional build programs, we typically like to have contractors selected prior to the 75% plans so they are involved in design and permitting processes. We engage contractors early on to identify potential conflicts, cost savings, constructability analysis and relationship building with the local reviewing agencies. The contractor’s early engagement allows them ownership in the process and an opportunity to develop a relationship with the team. This results in minimal conflict resolution, minimal change orders, and exceeding of schedule and quality expectations.
Applications and Permitting
Our permitting/entitlement group is involved from due-diligence throughout design. They understand the process from day one and stay updated on submittal requirements, codes and reviewers. A permitting specialist will prepare all applications and submittals and hand deliver each submittal. This individual will also facilitate design review comments in an effort to expedite the review process.
Construction Management
Our construction management services include coordination of construction, renovation and repair projects of outside contractors. We also ensure quality construction projects by managing schedules, budgets, payments, and required testing and inspections. We maintain oversight of contractor performance for compliance with construction documents, the approved schedule, quality of workmanship, quality and quantity of materials, and construction industry standards. Furthermore, we maintain all files and records associated with the entire construction process.