86 Pryor Street, Underground Atlanta

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Project Scope

Axis was retained to evaluate the feasibility of installing ductwork chases for a commercial kitchen hood exhaust and make-up air unit ductwork within a historic building located at the Underground Atlanta facility in downtown Atlanta. The four-story, 31,200 SF building comprises retail/food service tenant spaces on the street level and office space on the remaining floors.

The study’s purpose was to determine the best method for routing dedicated outside air ductwork from rooftop HVAC equipment down to the first and second floors. Floors three and four had previously been renovated and had a dedicated outside air distribution system. In addition, the client sought to provide commercial kitchen type 1 exhaust ductwork from the roof to the first floor. The chase locations and size also took into consideration a new conduit route for a Verizon fiber line. The primary obstacles were minimizing disruption to floors two through four, finding locations that created the least obstruction, and minimizing conflicts with the existing Pre-Civil War era structure. The structure was built with perimeter and interior multi-wythe, load-bearing masonry walls, with interior rough-sawn lumber columns, beams & joists. The old brick masonry had spalling and cracking damage at the softer brick areas and mortar joints due to moisture. The chase locations took into consideration minimizing the impact on the old masonry to limit new penetrations or openings. The new floor openings for the vertical chases required the removal of old existing wood beams and new supports framed all around. Axis surveyed the existing floor plan and structural framing as required to identify four distinct areas which presented ideal chase ways with minimal structural impact. Axis prepared a report of study findings for the client and performed a walk-through to discuss the pros and cons of each potential location.

Project Size:
31,200 SF

Completion Date:

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