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MARTA – Five Points Station Transformation

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Project Scope

The Five Points Station is an underground station in Atlanta, Georgia, consisting of four levels: two platform levels (one for each of the directional rail lines) and two pedestrian circulation levels – the concourse level which includes fare control and other station services, and the mezzanine/plaza level which provides access to all surrounding streets. The plaza structure is comprised of precast structural components which are assembled to create a canopy. The canopy acts as a roof that covers the plaza level entrances and slab opening to the concourse level known as “the Drum.”

The canopy structural system comprises a system of concrete beams on four levels with the Drum being a major structural feature. It is a circular post-tensioned concrete element located at the center of the canopy structure comprised of sixteen individual pieces with a diameter of sixty-eight feet. The entire roof system is supported on four, 8′ x 8′ reinforced concrete columns that are socketed into bedrock at the Station’s foundation level below.

The project involves the removal of the canopy without impacting the rail and/or bus operations and subsequently, the creation of a new structure to support and facilitate the reintroduction of Broad Street as a through street, as well as prepare for a future Transit Oriented Development (“TOD”). Additionally, MARTA would like to use this opportunity to enhance the Station’s appeal to its patrons and become a positive part of the downtown urban fabric.

MARTA is an organization committed to a sustainable future in the broad sense of the term. Consideration of ways to advance sustainability will be incorporated throughout the design and delivery of this project.

Project completion aligns with having the new station area fully functional to greet the visitors to Atlanta for the World Cup in 2026.

Project Size:
1.5 Miles

Completion Date:
2021 - Ongoing

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