Six Bridges Brewing, Milton

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Project Scope

3,617 SF combined interior space (buildings L and M) plus 750 SF roof deck on building M, and common space between the two buildings. Project includes 600 SF area for client’s foodservice sub-tenant. Interior space includes brewery, tasting room, kitchen, restrooms and related spaces. A patio was also designed for gathering outside. The kitchen was designed in collaboration with the foodservice sub-tenant, and the brewery was designed in collaboration with the selected brewing equipment vendor. Axis submitted health department’s foodservice application, coordinating with client’s foodservice sub-tenant. Axis submitted drawing package and application to State Department of Agriculture. The bar design included bar layout, which required under- and back-bar fixtures and equipment, draft service locations and layout, and provisions for secured storage of potential liquors or other distilled spirits produced by client now or in the future. Interior decor included wall, floor, ceiling finished. FF&E was included as separate service. Site work was limited to coordination of building exterior equipment and utilities in coordination with landlord’s work and patio design. Mechanical services included air analysis to accommodate the kitchen, brewing system, tasting room, and other spaces (both buildings). The included venting, hoods, and flue design as required for brewery equipment, restaurant equipment, plus venting and supply for restrooms. Plumbing services included drain lines necessary for tanks, coolers, bar, kitchen, and restrooms. Brewery wastewater, sanitary, and kitchen wastewater were designed as parallel systems to allow for a grease trap, flow monitoring, and any future waste diversion systems to be installed. Design also included a natural gas meter sizing and pipe layout for brewery, kitchen and exterior heaters, and fire features. Electrical services included connections for kitchen, bar, brewing system, offices, and tasting room areas, as well as a basic lighting plan. Final fixture selection was coordinated by others or fell under FF&E scope. Structural services included a floor slab design and footing plan for interior slabs in both buildings, design of required wall/chase/roof penetrations, glycol chiller loads and rooftop equipment.

Project Size:
4,967 SF

Completion Date:

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