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Comprehensive Transportation Plan

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Project Scope

Axis was hired by Evermore Community Improvement District (CID) to lead a comprehensive transportation plan (CTP) for the busy corridor. The CID extends 6.5 miles along US 78 from Park Place Blvd. to Wisteria Dr./Skyland Dr. Within the study area, the corridor carries between 55,000 and 65,000 vehicles per day. The CTP identified how a community would like to see its transportation networks develop to serve its current & future needs. The Plan also documented existing transportation conditions, identified needs & objectives, & developed recommendations for transportation improvements to maintain & expand the CID’s infrastructure while fostering a healthy, livable community.

The CTP included numerous transportation recommendations to address the specific needs identified in the study. The consultant team developed 46 projects, which include intersection improvements, roadways (new and widenings), bridge, pedestrian & bicycle facilities, transit recommendations & others.

The plan developed project recommendations based on previously identified needs, stakeholder input, & traffic analysis of intersection conditions along US 78. An evaluation of the projects was performed to indicate the potential benefits. Planning level cost estimates were developed for most of the roadway & intersection projects (some projects require further evaluation). The projects were categorized as short-term, mid-term, & long-term improvements.

This study was funded, in part, by the Atlanta Regional Commission, Gwinnett County, and Evermore Community Improvement District. This project followed Federal and Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) processes to deliver the work.

Project Size:
6.5 Miles

Completion Date:

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